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Indigo Moon Arts is a small company dedicated to designing a web site to enhance and help establish your business on the World Wide Web.

We specialize in creating light, fast loading pages with graphics that are eye-catching and yet not overwhelming. Whether you need a small, personal site or a larger, commercial site, let us make a site for you that is a cut above the rest in style, color and character. Each one is as unique as the owner. We do all our own graphic art too, which keeps the costs down for you.

Indigo Moon Arts is dedicated to helping you plan and build a site you can be proud of whether it's for your home page or your business.

We have 16 years of Internet and Web Design experience. Look around and compare packages and then pick the one that you will feel comfortable with and will suit your needs not just now, but with growth in mind for the future of your site. If you are not sure, we have a form that you can fill out and we will work with you to help you reach your goal and dream of a beautiful, robust and individualized web site.

The internet is a dynamic, ever changing medium so plan your site with the future in mind and it will grow and evolve with you and your business.

Our services page outlines the many ways we can serve you in your quest for the web site you are looking for. We also set you up with hosting (if needed) and take care of all of the details so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new site.

Please contact us to help you too, make an affordable and unique presence on the web!

photo by Shawn Kaschafsky

Fine Art and Prints
Jana Gale Connell

is also a Fine Artist with over 45 years of painting experience. She has been marketing art since 1983, when Indigo Moon Arts was first born. Her art ranges from oils, watercolors, & acrylics to colored and graphic pencil work. Jana has sold and shown pieces all over the country. Her art is in many private and corporate collections. Her works are sold as one-of-a-kind and she also has a set of Limited Edition prints for sale.

Jana has multiple degrees in Fine Art, English and Computer Graphic Applications,as well as a Bachelor's degree in Interactive Media Design.

photo by Shawn Kaschafsky
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