Time flies…

When you are busting your arse trying to put together a whole new portfolio website and building one for a former college counselor for her trustee campaign and trying to get your house and yard ready for your very own huge graduation party!!

So anyway, enough whining. I put together this site with CSS and some tables. Wanted a different looking nav layout on the main page but don’t have time to do a really cool image/nav bar. Might do a JS one but am concentrating on content right now. Forgot the resume page so I need to add that and upload my two docs -pdf and word doc one. Made templates for the about page and contact and another one for the gallery pages.

Like the background but have to stop myself from wanting to change all the colors… my biggest weakness is COLOR!!

Well back to work for me. I added a link to the resume and now I am going to write about my 30 yr career as a vet tech…

till next time.

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